Tutorial. Origami Amplop Hati/Heart Envelope

Mari kita buat origami amplop hati. Amplop! Dari selember kertas persegi.

ini adalah amplop yang sebenar-benarnya amplop. Amplop yang bisa digunakan. Kamu dapat masukkan surat ke dalamnya.

Panjang amplop kira-kira setengah dari panjang kertas yang digunakan. Menggunakan selembar kertas persegi.

desain oleh Hadi Tahir

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Terima Kasih

How to make a heart envelope from one piece of square paper.
A heart envelope is an envelope with heart.
This is a really useful and easy to make Origami Heart Envelope.
You can easily make An Envelope Without Glue nor Tape ( but you may use glue if you want 😉).
In addition to being simple to make, it can also be used as a gift envelope or greeting card, Mother's day, etc
This envelope is a great origami Idea for holiday and celebration.
It is actually not the love letter itself, but its envelope. It is an envelope, sealed with a seal of a love heart ❤ which is supposed to contain a love letter.
You can use this origami envelope as a real envelope where you can put your letter in, (especially, a love letter 😉)
The length of the finished model is approximately a half of the paper used.
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designed by Hadi Tahir